Frequently Asked Questions


Who is ATAC?

Amazon Thrift & Credit is a Cooperative licensed by the Federal government of Nigeria that pools funds from its contributors and manages such funds with the aim of making profits and returns to contributors.

What are the benefits of ATAC?

You earn up to 15% of your contribution monthly, you get 100% of your contribution back after time duration.

How do I register with Amazon thrift and credit Cooperative?

To register you need to pay an annual registration fee of N5000 only, this can be made upfront or deducted from monthly interest.

Is it risk free?

Yes, because you get your contribution back after the period of investment and this is guaranteed by our money in the bank.


How much can I contribute?

Hundred thousand and above, and in only hundreds of thousands.

What interest do I earn on my contribution?

15% of your contribution for any amount less than one million
10% for any amount over one million

When does my contribution begin to earn returns?

You start earning a month after your contribution, and monthly subsequently

When does my contribution begin to earn returns?

You start earning a month after your contribution, and monthly subsequently. Yes you may, but you would only get 90% of your contribution and not the full 100%

How long can I keep my contribution with ATAC?

(6months) (Rollover?)
There is a minimum tenor of 6months and no (maximum tenor). You can choose to keep your contribution with us for as long as you wish and your money will keep earning returns monthly.

Can I continue with my contribution in ATAC after the duration?

Yes, you can rollover your contribution.

How many slots can I pay for?

At N100,000 per slot, as many slots you want to, depending on the amount you want to contribute with, relative to the number of available slots.

How secure is my information?

All customer details are securely stored, and they remain undisclosed to a third party. We do not store your card details.

Can I monitor my contribution and returns?

We are working on a Dashboard with such capability, it will be available soon

What is the minimum amount of contribution?

N100,000 ( One Hundred thousand naira )

How do I fund my contribution account?

You will get a call from the office, after filling your form online, with details on how to contribute.


Do you give out loans?

Yes we do, fill out the application form and a staff will get across to you

What is the tenure of your loan and interest rate?

The loan is for one month, with a 15% interest rate.

Where is your office located?

We are located at, Suite 402c, NAWA Complex, besides NEXT Cash and Carry, Jahi, Abuja
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